Coronavirus Information

 We would like to thank everyone for their kind messages of support and hope you are all keeping safe and well, during what has been a very difficult and challenging time for everyone. We are now welcoming guests back and can’t wait to see you all !

We have been given specific guidance on what the requirements would be for our industry and , after undertaking an infection control course and studying the Scottish government guidance on the opening of leisure and  hospitality premises we have set out some guidelines of our own which we think will minimise risk and make KIDZ TOWN as safe as it can be. Currently our procedures are  as follows:

There are timed sessions daily and we will sanitise the cafe and play areas in the time between sessions. As we are also now running stay’n’play all day sessions weekdays then there may be individual  play areas closed of for a short period of time for cleaning during your session . This should not cause any inconvenience to your playtime as we have 14 individual areas to choose from. Your session can be pre-booked either online , by email or telephone. The number of guests per session will be restricted and you can arrive at anytime for your session but you will need to wait at the door for a staff member to give you entry. You will be required check in by scanning the check-in app on arrival  . Please do not come to KIDZ TOWN if you or anyone in your group has a new persistant cough , high temperature or any other COVID-19 related symptoms , please contact us and we will re-schedule your booking

You can now enjoy your food in the cafe after the session ends or during your session time.  Please adhere to signage and floor markings throughout KIDZ TOWN . We would ask that you use hand sanitiser on arrival and frequently throughout your visit.

As children are not required to social distance the play area will be a free area for the children to move around as they always did, however the number of children will be restricted and any adults in this area will still be required to social distance. We would ask that only 1 adult per booked group be in the play area at a time.Masks must be worn by anyone over the age of 12 in the play areas and when moving around KIDZ TOWN but can be removed when you are seated at your table .

The play area will have been sanitised prior to your session. We have purchased extra equipment and costumes to allow us to be able to operate a rotation system. There will be tubs for worn costumes to be placed in to allow us to remove and  spray them with sanitiser  .They will also be washed very frequently . Fixed and large pieces of play equipment will be wiped with anti viral spray before and after your session . We have removed the majority of our soft toys and would ask that you do not allow children to put toys in their mouths . Please inform a member of staff if a toy has gone into your childs mouth and this will be removed or alternatively pop it in one of the used costume bins.

Bathrooms will be cleaned before , during and after  sessions  There are also specific bathroom cleaning procedures which all staff will be trained on.

We will be operating a one-way system throughout KIDZ TOWN , with seperate entry and exit points.

To allow for adequate ventilation , doors and windows may be opened at times during your visit . We would suggest that you bring slippers or cosy socks for the children and wear warmer clothing as  the play areas and cafe will be cooler .

Sanitiser stations will be positioned at entry, exits and various other points through the premises.

We would ask that only the minimum amount of personal items are brought onto the premises. Please only bring prams/buggies into KIDZ TOWN if it is absolutely neccessary. We have baby carriers available for use in the play area . Please ask staff if you wish to boorow one.

Our outdoor play area will be sanitised after each play session , and there is an outdoor sink and sanitiser for guest use.

All staff will have been trained in all new procedures and cleaning schedules.

Please note these are the guidelines that we are looking to implement at the moment to ensure that all our guests have the best and safest visit as possible. These may be subject to change as the situation and guidance changes but we will keep you updated.

We have always had the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness at KIDZ TOWN, and we are confident that we can incorporate these new procedures into our current cleaning schedules easily.

KIDZ TOWN has been fully deep cleaned, sanitised , repainted and we have added a few new fun areas for your little ones to play in. We are excited and ready to open for you to explore and make new happy memories.

Keep safe and well and we look forward to seeing you all soon.