KIDZ TOWN Rules of Play

1 All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult over 18 years of age and they must remain within the building at all times during the session. If you are using the outdoor play area then you must supervise your child in this area , ensuring that you close doors behind you . All children under 3 must be supervised at all times as there may be equipment that could pose a choking hazard.

Please do not allow children to put toys in their mouth and if they do please inform a member of staff or pop item in one of the sanitising bins.

2 Shoes must be removed before entering the KIDZ TOWN play area, with socks to be worn by children and adults at all times. Shoes can again be worn on entering Kidzy’s Kitchen and upstairs.

3 Play sessions are restricted to timed sessions and can be joined at any time, however the session will end at the advertised time. All guests must vacate the PLAY AREA   as soon as the session time ends to allow for cleaning and  sanitisation of all areas , however you can enjoy the cafe after the play session ends.

4 It is the responsibility of the supervising adult to ensure children in their care are well behaved at all times. KIDZ TOWN is a gentle role-play town and and fighting, bullying, rough play, swearing, throwing play equipment and any other bad behaviour will not be tolerated. Guilty parties may be asked to leave without refund, should a warning from staff go unheeded.

5 For health and safety reasons, the consumption of any food or drink in the town play area , outdoor play area or upstairs in the sensory room is strictly not allowed. Also no chewing gum is to be used anywhere in KIDZ TOWN.

6 Please do not remove toys or play equipment from the area in which you have been playing. 

7 Any accidents or incidents should be reported to a member of staff so we can provide the necessary support and assistance and so it can be logged for future reference.

8 KIDZ TOWN cannot be held responsible for accidents that occur due to the result of a child’s behaviour when playing or due to the lack of adult supervision.

9 Please help us maintain the high standard of play in KIDZ TOWN by reporting any broken or loose equipment so it can be repaired or removed and replaced. Also please ensure that any KIDZ TOWN property is left behind upon leaving your session.

10 KIDZ TOWN has limited storage available for your personal possessions, but cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage during your visit.

11 Tickets are strictly non-refundable , but date/time changes can be accommodated if given over 24 hours notice.

12 We would ask that to allow us to comply with social distancing rules, buggies/prams are not brought into KIDZ TOWN unless absolutely necessary, .

13 Please park within the spaces available in the car park and respect the disabled bays. KIDZ TOWN will not accept any responsibility for any incidents or accidents within the car park. Please note, if the car park is full that there is off road,parking available on Colquhoun St and other nearby side streets.

14 KIDZ TOWN is strictly non-smoking inside , in our outdoor area and also in our car park, which is shared with a local nursery. This includes the use of other vapour type products.

15 Ticket prices for KIDZ TOWN may change and our website will be updated accordingly. Special offer / promotion discounts apply to full price guests only.

16 Due to circumstances beyond our control we reserve the right to cancel a session and a refund will be issued.

17 Our opening hours are subject to change without prior notice or knowledge however we will endeavour to communicate this through our website and social media.

18 We reserve the right to close off area of KIDZ TOWN if we believe there to be any risk to the safety of guests or if we require to sanitise an area.

19 Any guest , adult or child causing wilful damage to our equipment , fixtures or fittings will be liable to pay for any damage caused.

20 Outside food/beverages cannot be consumed in KIDZ TOWN without prior arrangement with the management. This includes the outdoor seating area .

21 Children or adults who have been unwell within the past 48 hours should not visit KIDZ TOWN, to prevent the risk of infection and any guests who becomes unwell during their session will be politely asked to leave to prevent the spread of infection to other guests. Any guests who have a temperature , persistant cough or any covid -19 symptoms , or been in contact with someone with coronavirus or are waiting on the results of a test should not come and visit. Please contact us and we will re-schedule your booking.

22 KIDZ TOWN will acquire consent from parents/carers before posting any images of children playing on social media or our website.

23 Guests may photograph / video their own children for private , personal and non-commercial use only and must respect the privacy of other guests.

24 No animals are permitted in KIDZ TOWN, with the exception of assistance animals.